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Learn to Roll with the Pros!

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Located in central Omaha, Hill Bros. Pro-Fleet is a premier driving school offering top-quality training and in-demand opportunities in the trucking industry.

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When you join the Hill Bros. driving family, you gain not just a career, but an open road to opportunity.

Let our graduates tell you what they liked most about the training program while learning to Roll with the Pros!

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Our dedicated driving professionals are happy to answer your questions about CDL training and the opportunities available for our CDL graduates.

We also offer night classes!

Part-Time Training: 10 weeks/4 hours per night


At Pro-Fleet CDL Academy, our mission is to deliver comprehensive CDL training, ensuring that our students emerge as the finest and safest drivers on the road. As a trusted third-party testing facility, we offer the convenience of on-site final CDL licensing tests, allowing our students to familiarize themselves with the same equipment and personnel they've trained with throughout the program.

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Modern Equipment

Our fleet is made up of modern trucks equipped with state-of-the-art safety technology.


Experienced Instructors

Learn from the finest! Our instructors are highly-rated drivers who have spent years on the road before transitioning into the field of education.


Individual Attention

Our program offers personalized training that goes beyond the classroom! Our students train hands-on behind the wheel until they are safe drivers.


Graduating with a Commercial Driver's License (CDL) from Pro-Fleet is not just a milestone; it's a gateway to a world of promising opportunities in the transportation industry.

Our comprehensive CDL program is designed to equip graduates with the essential skills and knowledge needed to excel as professional drivers. Beyond acquiring the ability to operate commercial vehicles safely and efficiently, Pro-Fleet's training instills a deep understanding of industry regulations, advanced driving techniques, and effective communication on the road.

Pro-Fleet graduates stand out in the competitive job market. Employers highly value the rigorous training and hands-on experience gained at our academy, recognizing our commitment to producing top-tier drivers. With a Pro-Fleet CDL, doors open to a variety of career paths, including long-haul trucking, local delivery services, and specialized transport roles. Our alumni often find themselves in high demand, as the reputation of Pro-Fleet resonates with companies seeking skilled and safety-conscious drivers.

The opportunities afforded by a Pro-Fleet CDL extend beyond immediate employment. Many of our graduates leverage their training to explore entrepreneurial avenues, such as becoming owner-operators or starting their own trucking businesses. Pro-Fleet doesn't just provide a license; it fosters a foundation for a successful and fulfilling career in the dynamic and essential field of commercial driving.


February '24 Graduates

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March 27, 2024

At a new conference today, the Mayor of Lincoln congratulated everybody involved in the Workforce Development process. Also, they honored and celebrated Christopher Aunquoe’s (Q) recent successes. Q was released from prison, participated in Workforce Development programs, attended, studied, and passed Hill Bros Pro-Fleet CDL program, and then finally passed his State of Nebraska Road…

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Hill Street News: March 2024 Newsletter

March 25, 2024

Oh baby—IT’S SPRING!  We made it.  For most of us (not including our Long Haul Dray Professional Drivers who must keep getting up and over Donner Pass, and dealing with its 11 month Winter Season) Winter is over.  Soon……shorts, t-shirts, BBQ’s and outdoor fun. Download our March 2024 Newsletter

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Hill Street News: February 2024 Newsletter

February 20, 2024

What an interesting time to be in the trucking industry. Many changes are taking place. Already in 2024, we have seen significant mergers (Ryder & Cardinal, Forward Air & Omni), witnessed accelerated withdrawals from the industry (In last 3 months, 9000 trucking companies have delisted at the FMCSA), and seen geo-political events all across the…

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Hill Street News: January 2024 Newsletter

January 15, 2024

Take a look at the latest Hill Street News for some for important announcements, news, information and all the FUN that’s happening! Welcome to 2024! Wow—wasn’t 2023 amazing! At Hill Bros Transportation, Hill Bros Logistics and Hill Bros Pro-Fleet, we accomplished a lot. We set revenue records, growth records, expanded into a new building, and…

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Pro-Fleet Featured in Hill Street News

October 16, 2023

Pro-Fleet is featured on page 3 of the Hill Bros Newsletter. Take a look at the latest Hill Street News for some for important announcements, news, information and all the FUN that’s happening! Download our October 2023 Newsletter

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