Student Services

Keys to the Future

Empowering the next generation of truck drivers is crucial, and at ProFleet, supporting students undergoing CDL training is key to a robust future in transportation. Our program goes beyond textbooks, cultivating skilled drivers who navigate the roads with expertise. By backing students at ProFleet, we contribute to a workforce that not only meets industry demands but also elevates safety and professionalism.

Our training fuels a cycle of excellence, ensuring these students evolve into skilled professionals who keep our highways moving smoothly and goods delivered efficiently. Invest in the future of transportation – support CDL training at ProFleet for a road ahead paved with success

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CDL & Additional Training

Pro-Fleet works with many trucking companies in the region to assist you in finding a trucking job upon graduation, but job placement is not guaranteed.

If you have attained your CDL and want additional training or are looking for career opportunities, details are available on our main Hill Bros. Trucking website.

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Driver Pulse Training

Driver Pulse by Tenstreet is an "all-in-one" employee engagement portal, from the initial contact throughout your life cycle with our company which includes paperless onboarding, compliance tracking, and computer based online training specific to the transportation industry.