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Hill Bros. Trucking, a trailblazer in transportation, has grown beyond its roots, venturing into new opportunities to serve our industry and nation. Embodying the hallmark Hill Bros. style, we're dedicated to delivering our best in everything we do.

This commitment extends to our creation of ProFleet CDL Driving Academy and Hill Bros. Logistics, creating a comprehensive network that not only transports goods but also nurtures the next generation of skilled truck drivers.

Together, we're not just a trucking company; we're a dynamic force shaping the landscape of logistics, providing unparalleled opportunities, and ensuring excellence in every facet of our industry.



The transportation industry has been experiencing a historic truck driver strain, at the same time, it reports historic demand for their services. Our current presidential administration calls the trucking industry a “critical lifeblood of our economy” and calls for partnering in building the next generation trucking workforce.

Hill Bros. has risen to this call by creating Pro-Fleet CDL Driving Academy. The Omaha region will experience a shortage of classroom seats based on its projected needs for commercial drivers.

The necessity for more and better trained CDL drivers will only grow in the future, and Pro-Fleet CDL Driving Academy LLC is thrilled and eager to help our industry expand and flourish.


Pro-Fleet CDL Driving Academy LLC will provide its students with state-of-the-art training through virtual, hybrid, classroom, and hands-on teaching techniques. Our teaching staff has decades of experience in tractor trailer operations.

Tuition rates are market competitive. When students graduate, with 160 hours of training, they will be prepared to safely and legally join most trucking companies in America, and continue their career journey.

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In the ever-evolving landscape of the transportation industry, Hill Bros. Trucking stands poised at the forefront of change, honoring our rich history while embracing the challenges of the future. Acknowledging the critical demand for skilled truck drivers, our commitment to excellence shines through in our latest venture – the Pro-Fleet CDL Driving Academy.

Hill Bros. takes the lead in building the next generation of drivers. Pro-Fleet CDL Driving Academy is our answer to the pressing need for well-trained professionals in the trucking sector. We foresee a shortage of classroom seats in the Omaha region, a testament to the overwhelming demand for skilled drivers.

Join us at Pro-Fleet CDL Driving Academy, where we're not just training drivers; we're shaping the future of trucking. As we look back with pride at our legacy, we drive forward, eager and thrilled to contribute to the expansion and flourishing of our industry.


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Hill Bros. Logistics (HBL) is our premier logistics company offering top quality freight and carrier opportunities to all 48 continental U.S. states and Canada.

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Hill Bros. Transportation has been trucking from Omaha, NE for nearly 50 years! We strive to provide the best service in the trucking industry through hard work, dedication and innovative truck driving technology.

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