Why Choose Pro-Fleet?

Because this is CDL Training at its Finest

Located in Omaha, Nebraska, Pro-Fleet CDL Driving Academy is a premier driving school offering top quality training and opportunities in the trucking industry. The transportation industry is vital to sustaining the American economy. Currently it is experiencing a historic driver shortage, which has placed incredible constraints on our economy (source).

The necessity for more and better trained CDL drivers will only grow in the future (source). Pro-Fleet is stepping up to serve our country and meet this need! And so can you! We work to provide the highest quality and thorough CDL training, educating our students to be the best and safest drivers on the road.

Truck driving down city street with Make Your Mark in large opaque white lettering
white semi truck with trailer in parking lot with orange construction cone near front tire

Latest Model Equipment

Our fleet is made up of modern trucks equipped with state-of-the-art safety technology.

4 people in a group looking at a tablet under a banner with the Pro-Fleet logo

Experienced Instructors

Learn from the finest! Our instructors are highly rated drivers who spent years on the road before transitioning into the field of education.

2 men sitting inside truck cab one sitting in passenger seat wearing baseball cap one on the left in drivers seat with hands on steering wheel wearing yellow caution vest

Individual Attention

Training that goes beyond the classroom! Our students train hands on until they are safe divers.

Ready to roll with the Pros?

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